Personal Account

Create Free Portfolio Website, build CV, post articles or tutorial easily

You can Create Free Portfolio Website, build multiple CV,  send this CV as protected (with a security key and fixed time)/public to any company email, post articles/tutorial/question in your blog area, send message to connected people by internal messaging systems,  display buying leads easily from at personal category. 

Main feature of your website for this account category:

  1. Completely dynamic Portfolio website
  2.  Profile and Personal information setup
  3. Contact information management with contact form
  4. Address/location management with Google map
  5. Banner management system
  6. Option to choose different Slide Style for banner
  7. Option to choose different theme for website
  8. Complete CMS with some fixed pages
  9. News & Events management
  10. Multiple CV builder and management
  11. Job Apply with specific CV to any company email
  12. Question & Answer, Articles and Tutorial management
  13. Buying Leads management
  14. Internal Messaging System(IMS)


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