Goal of songzog.com

songzog.com is creating a platform where everyone can

  •  Create a complete dynamic website with your purposes
  •  Search nearest people, shopping mall/shop, company & organization, Institution (School College University), Hospital, Bank and their location & other information
  •  Build Multiple CV and send this CV as protected/public to any company email
  •  Display products with price and sell this product via both contractual and payment method
  •  Post job and Get job information from different source such as bdjobs, prothom-alojobs
  •  Post news & events and post articles/tutorial/question in your blog page.
  •  Share all things via social network site like facebook, twiter and linkedin.


Our Goal is to connect you to other peoples, shopping mall orcomplex, shop or business center, company & organization, Institution Services and Transportation , Hospital or Clinic, Bank or Insurance company in Bangladesh and make a relation to each other. 

Most company & organization, shoppingmall/shop or business or institution has a website and there are many website or search content in the world wide. But we don’t all site url and most of time we do not find perfect location or information of our national in search engine site. bdprofileID.com gives all Bangladeshi right information of Bangladeshi company & organization, shoppingmall/shop or business or institution.
Secondly, In our country specially Dhaka is critical city in location purposes. So when we go out to go to shoppingmall/shop, company & organization, School College University, Hospital and Bank, most of time we fall in an odd situation because we don’t find perfect location. Bdprofileid.com will solve this problem.
Same as location, when we want to buy something, then find out location and choosing perfect product is time wasting.
Personally everybody needs a portfolio. songzog gives everybody a portfolio site with maximum CV. And also give you different url for 3 CV to show other wirh authentication.