SaaS based On-Demand Software Solution

Portfolio website for personal as well as organization, Inventory, POS, Billing, Ecommerce, CRM, SCM, FAM, accounting, customize website theme and domain registration.

Website, Domain, Personal Page and Blog

Songzog Unique ID, Page, Portfolio for personal as well as organization, website, blog and more....

Songzog Webpage(Free)

songzog account and unique ID, profile, Portfolio, pages, blog, connection for solution etc

Page of Life

Track my activity, Care about your life

Website Solution

Multipurpose complete CMS based simple and easy way website solution for businesses or personal portfolio

Event Management

Event manager manages your event and participants

Form Manager

Customize form manager for any purpose

Team and Committee Manager

Team or Committee Member Manager

Theme Customization

Your website as you wish with custom graphics or images to create a unique visual style.

Domain Registration

A unique name with any TLDs such as .com, .org, .net .xyz, .gov, etc.

Business Solution and E-commerce

Business Solution (bs) - POS, Billing & Ecommerce

Inventory - Item & Service

Items, item category, brand, manufacturer, stock in/out etc

Customer Relationship Management

Customer, Supplier, Vendor and Prospect

E-commerce Solution

E-commerce Ultimate

KnowledgeBase, Education and Academia

Student, school and Madrasha etc

Knowledge Base/Blog

My Blog, Articles, Tutorial, Question and Answer

Online Learning System(OLS)

eLMS: Learning Management System


Learn English Everyday, Update Memory

Accounting and Finance


Daily Cash Flow

Expense/Income - Personal Accounting /petty Cash

Human Resource Management(HRM)

i. Person Information ii. Leave and Attendance iii. Payroll iv. Recruitment

Employee Information Management

Employee Information Management

Target vs achievement

Set Target, add achievement, compare and increase your sales

eRecruitment and CV Bank

Recruitment and Career

Patient and Doctor Relationship Management

Patient and Doctor Relationship Management

Doctor Appointment

Doctor Chamber and Appointment

Patient Information and Prescription

Patient Information and Prescription

Human Activity Manager

Plan and Manage

Support & Helpdesk

Online support and Issue Ticket Management

Project management

Project management

Meeting To Action

Meeting call to flow up and convert to action is SaaS based Online Application and Service providing technology ecosystem. This technology ecosystem provides various types of basic application and solution in business such as Inventory, POS, Billing, Ecommerce, CRM, SCM, FAM, accounting, website, customize website theme and domain registration.