The Point of Sale (POS) software, particularly the "Best POS software in Bangladesh" by Songzog, is a powerful system designed to streamline retail and business operations. It serves as a central platform for managing sales, inventory, and customer interactions. In Bangladesh, Songzog's POS software offers advanced features for efficient sales processing, inventory tracking, and customer relationship management. Designed to enhance business efficiency, the Songzog POS software stands out as a robust and user-friendly tool for businesses across various industries in Bangladesh.


Analytic Dashboard

Analytic, Interactive and Real Time Dashboard


Provides a comprehensive overview of sales, inventory, and performance metrics, allowing users to analyze data, interact with visual representations, and view real-time updates on key business indicators.


Total Purchase,Total Sales,Purchase Due,Invoice Due,Sales Last 30 Days Chart,Sales Current Financial Year,Purchase Payment Due,Product Stock Alert

POS Basic Operation 

Sale, Exchange & Due Collection 

Supports fundamental POS functionalities including sale transactions, product exchanges, and the collection of dues, facilitating smooth operations for customer transactions.


Catalog Manage 

Item, category management  

Allows efficient management and organization of products by enabling users to add, update, or categorize items in the inventory for easy accessibility and sales tracking.


Quick Purchase

Demand, Order List and Receive 

Streamlines the ordering process by managing demands, creating order lists, and efficiently receiving and processing orders to meet customer needs.

Supplier’s Transactions 

Individual payment and payable history 

 Tracks and manages transactions with suppliers, allowing recording of individual payments and maintaining a history of payables for accurate financial tracking.

Customer’s Transactions 

Individual payment and due history 

Records and maintains a comprehensive history of individual customer payments and outstanding dues, supporting efficient customer relationship management.


Multi-Store Support

Store, Store users and Stock Transfer 

Enables businesses with multiple locations to manage each store individually, assign users, and transfer stock between locations, ensuring efficient inventory management across branches.


Cash & Cashier  

 Automatic Cash Drawer &  Management

 Connect Cash Drawer with the software that opens on saving every bill  


Accounts Summary and Voucher 

Account summary and connect to account system 

Provides a concise summary of financial accounts and supports integration with accounting systems, streamlining financial management.


Package or Bundle Product 

Pre-set Package and Bundle Item Sale 


Finally POS Output

 Various Way list, report 


Generates a variety of reports and output formats, such as sales reports, inventory lists, and financial statements, in multiple formats, enabling better decision-making and business planning.



Point of Sale

Point of Sale

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